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Zero Waste Christmas in Leipzig

Every year the same old question: What to do at Christmas? Depending on your cultural and family background, this one might be a hard one to answer. On one side, Christmas stands for contemplation, calmness and traditions - on the other it often also stands for stress, consumerism and indulgence.

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Mehrweg vs Einweg - Deposit system in Germany

The deposit (Pfand) system on bottles, jars and cans in Germany can be quite confusing. But, let’s have a closer look and demystify the difference between Einweg, Mehrweg, Dosenpfand, and Flaschenpfand. What is the difference? How can you distinguish between them? And what is the better choice?

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Package free shopping in Leipzig

A package free shop is a perfect place to start your Zero Waste journey. But where to find one?! Actually, there are currently four amazing package free shops in Leipzig waiting to be discovered by you. Two in the West (Schleußig and Lindenau), one in the East (Reudnitz) and one in the South (Südvorstadt)!

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