Hey, diese Seite gibt es übrigens auch auf deutsch.


What is Zero Waste Living in Leipzig?

Zero Waste Living in Leipzig is a bilingual (EN/DE) community group for sharing local tips on how to live a fulfilled, sustainable life and aiming for producing as little waste as possible. The main goal of our group is to strengthen and connect the local Zero Waste community in Leipzig by supporting each other on our journey to Zero Waste, sharing tips, tricks and skills, and pushing for the change we want to see in our communities.

Zero Waste Living in Leipzig started off as a Meetup group in summer 2020 when I (Celia) moved to Leipzig and was looking for like-minded people. On our Meetup page you can join our Meetup group and see the upcoming events. There is also a Facebook group where the community members can talk to each other online sharing tips and information or asking for help and advice.

However, after only a few meetings I found that all the useful information we share in person should also be available outside of social media platforms and the physical meetings. So, I created this website where I will try to collect all the practical information related to Zero Waste Living that we gathered as a community.

Why is it in only English?

When I arrived in Leipzig (actually even before) I was looking for information on sustainable, low-waste living in Leipzig, mainly in English as I am not a native German speaker, albeit without much success.

After arriving in the city and interacting with many other expats, I realised that actually there would be a need for a kind of bilingual guide/roadmap in Leipzig for newcomers and long-time residents alike on how to live a sustainable life using all the great infrastructure, zero waste shops, community-supported agriculture groups, repair cafes and so on. A great number of people are looking for ways to live a more sustainable life but might just lack the right information, language skills or confidence to take the next step. This is, I hope, where Zero Waste Living in Leipzig as a community can step in.

Who is behind Zero Waste Living in Leipzig?

I am Celia, originally from Budapest, Hungary but I have been living all around Europe in the past 10 years including Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany. I am an environmental researcher by trade and Zero Waste advocate by heart. I believe in sharing all the amazing sustainable options available out there with like-minded people so that together we can make an impact in our communities. If you like, you can follow my own Zero Waste Adventures on Instagram. And I am also sharing more posts on Zero Waste Living in general - not related to Leipzig on my private blog.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to contribute to the website by writing blog posts or translating them into other languages as well.

I do all this out of fun and activism. If you feel like you appreciate my work and want to support me, please consider buying me a coffee or two on kofi - just click on the blue button under each post. Every small support counts and is highly appreciated. Hosting the website and paying for the Meetup account does cost money indeed.