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Package free shopping in Leipzig

Celia Somlai · November 13, 2020

A package free shop is a perfect place to start your Zero Waste journey. But where to find one?! Actually, there are currently four amazing package free shops in Leipzig waiting to be discovered by you. Two in the West (Schleußig and Lindenau), one in the East (Reudnitz) and one in the South (Südvorstadt)!

Hey hey!

Zero Waste/unpackaged/package free shops are simply magical places, where you can refill your own containers (e.g. empty ice cream tubs, reused jars, fancy bread bags or whatever you have lying around) and buy as much or as little (!) of the things as you need. These shops usually offer a wide selection of

  • loose, dry ingredients (like different types of flours, pasta, rice, pulses, baking ingredients, whole and ground spices and much more),
  • unpackaged gourmet foods (mostly sweets and chocolates, sometimes also cheese and butter),
  • liquid refills (such as oils, ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments),
  • cleaning products (think washing up liquid or laundry detergent),
  • personal care products (like shampoo bars, conditioner, soap),
  • goods in deposit packaging (plant milks and dairy products, tempeh, wine),
  • and of course fresh, locally sourced, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

I believe we are really lucky in Leipzig as there are 4 (four!) amazing dedicated package free shops. As each and every one of them will have a slightly different approach and range of products, make sure to check them all out, so you won’t miss out on your favorite snack or pasta shape (trofie are simply the best if you ask me).

Einfach Unverpackt

Einfach Unverpackt has two shops: one in Südvorstadt’s Kochstraße that opened back in 2016 and the newer one which opened in 2019 in Schleußig in Könneritzstraße. You can follow Einfach Unverpackt on Facebook and Instagram.

Locker und Lose

Locker und Lose is located in Reudnitz in Josephinestraße just next to the Lene-Voigt-Park. You can follow Locker und Lose on Facebook and Instagram.

lieber lose

Lieberlose opened in 2019 in Weißenfelser Straße in Plagwitz. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I personally believe that all the four shops sell a full range of products, so I suggest that you check out ALL of them! Visit them regularly and give them your support and feedback! All of them will be happy to try sourcing new products on popular demand. And of course, please do let me know if you know of any other Zero Waste shops in Leipzig that are not listed here!