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Leipzig products

Celia Somlai · November 20, 2020

Check out this list with all the locally and sustainably produced products, all right here from Leipzig and the region! Tempeh, honey, soap and salt, just to name a few!

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There are many really useful general resources about Zero Waste Living all over the internet. On this website, I would like to focus on local tips. Collecting a list of all the local producers, shops, service providers and products that help you live a life with less waste. In this blog post, I collate an ever growing list of all the sustainably and locally produced products. This list will continuously be updated and your hints are very welcome indeed. Please contact me with your suggestions on what I missed out on.

And a quick disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands, products I mention in this blog post, I just find them cool and they also care about our Mother Earth. So, go, check them out and form your own opinion.


Umani Kulturgut has two varieties of tempeh - soybeans and lupin beans - handcrafted in Leipzig. All ingredients are from ecological farms in South Germany. The tempeh is sold in deposit glass containers in most Zero Waste shops, so you can take them back and Umani Kulturgut will collect and refill them again with delicious tempeh.

Rapeseed and linseed oil

You can find locally produced linseed and rapeseed oils in deposit bottles or as refills in the Zero Waste shops in Leipzig. They are from Leipspeis. What I found the most amazing about them is that you can actually visit their mill every first Friday of the month for a Zapftag (refill day) where you can refill your own bottles at the mill directly.


Nachbars Salt from salt city of Halle. Locally produced following old traditions by the Halloren guild, where the salty water from underground brine springs is boiled in iron pans and the salt crystals are skimmed off and dried on a heated pans.


Lipz-Schorlen, fruit soft drinks or better to say fruit spritzers produced in Leipzig from blackberry, gooseberry and rhubarb. Bio certified, in glass bottles. As far as I know without refilling them. Correction, they are sold in Mehrweg bottles.


Cider (or as the Germans say: Zider) - locally produced organic apple cider. I have to admit this is my ultimate favourite from this list.


I could not find their website or social media, but I bought these soaps multiple times in the Zero Waste shops. It seems to be a collaboration, using the oils from Leipspeis and Beti Lue soapmaker.


Rosenberg has different varieties of jam using locally produced fruits. Their glasses have no deposit but the Zero Waste shops collect them and send them back for refill.


Agrarprodukte Kitzen e.G. installed several milk refill stations around Leipzig. At these stations you can have local fresh cow milk from tap. The vending machines do sell reusable milk bottles, but you can also just bring your own as long as it’s about the same shape.